"Disaster Management Institutehosts international disaster risk reduction conference"


  • Disaster Management issues need to be propagated
  • Public and Government participation to be encouraged
  • Importance & Purpose of practice of Disaster Management drill to be shared in a convincing way
  • It is a serious national & global issue which requires awareness and not fear, and conference had to strategically convey this by involving various stake holders from different segment
  • Recognition of International Disaster Management Day on 13th October for prevention of new & reduction of existing disaster risk through implementation of integrated all-inclusive approach.

Result/Key Achievement

  • News about the conference was covered both within and outside the country
  • Reports on result of discussion was circulating across various media platforms.
"Disaster Management Institutehosts international disaster risk reduction conference"
Communication Objective: Disaster Management Institute to be portrayed as an institute that believes in zero tolerance towards disaster. Conference was a prelude to action plan that must be envisaged and brought into action across the country. Objective was to educate, coach and raise awareness regarding importance of how to reign the risk of natural or man-made disasters in the wake of emergency. Conference was to be symbolized as a place where experts were to interact for planning ahead, responding and then reducing disasters in our country.
The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030, that was adopted by UN Member States on 18 March 2015 was aiming at increasing the interaction between the countries & states to volumize efforts and participation from both State & the Centre Government, public and all stakeholders who would benefit from debate and discussion for achieving zero tolerance towards disasters. Need was to promote preparedness for early response that will surely strengthen resilience. In the wake of the call by the disaster management, 13th October is observed as International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction (IDDR), which celebrates spirit of people as well as communities of the world who are continuously working for reducing their exposure to disasters.
  • Disaster Management is a grave issue and requires talk & debate at the global level, required to be highlighted
  • Realization and acceptance that people & communities across the world are working towards reducing exposure to disasters by raising awareness
  • Stories to be circulated regarding discussion to be held on ‘vision of India to become disaster resilient’ in the conference
  • Promote that it is a first National conference after the advent of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR) that was adopted at the third UN World Conference in Japan in March, 2015.
Working Methodology:
For this conference, our team met different media houses especially those who wrote extensively over disaster management and environmental issues. Also, briefs were shared with international news reporters, who would be interested in finding how India is becoming an active participant after the formation of Sendai Framework. Press Release was drafted in a way that there is adequate mention of previous issues and there are enough quotes of competent authorities.