Why Us

Public Relations is a way of life, even an infant is seen exhibiting qualities of a PR Person. An individual is always seen trying to influence their neighbourhood, school, office, market or whatever place they go. It is our PR, that makes us what we are and brands our name in the society where we live in.


We at PR Solution, values and understands this simple truth about PR industry. In fact, our core team is an ensemble of these values and try to win industry with their pro PR Skills.

We at PR Solution Promise —


  • Delivery of result oriented work
  • Interaction with niche media
  • Untampered feedback on development and success of an organisation

We at PR Solution do not —


  • Run behind vague metrics
  • Give unrealistic/wasteful budget
  • Compromise on work ethics

Team @ PR Solution


  • We are focussed
  • We have proper understanding of the market
  • We value time
  • We are Pro
  • We believe in hearing our client before giving suggestion
  • We believe in understanding market status of our client
  • We try to save clients’ money and avoid any frivolous expenditure

New Initiatives


We @ PR Solution, are always inventing new ways and strategy for comprehensive and value added service for our esteemed clients. In this process, we have come up with a novel idea of offering live online press conference coverage.

  • Online Press Conference/PC will simplify work both for the client and the media fraternity. It will ensure that journalists attend a Press Conference from wherever they are without traveling to the venue. It will ease out their life and filing of story will be faster and easier.

PR Solution continuous aim is to offer maximum and strategies customised Press Conference for the clients. We are always innovating and experimenting with new techniques to offer global coverage to the clients. Our focus is to cover 60 countries by 2020!