Press Conference is a forceful marketing tool since there is a direct interaction between the press/media and the company/entrepreneur. It acts an open forum for cross questioning about product/service/policy. It builds a rapport with the media who if fed with accurate information and importance of PC for the product or service, then writes an unbiased report which can make a great influence on the general public and the target audience.


Each sector or company should ideally think about Press Conference if there is any major change in the operation or if there is a need to focus on revenue.



Industry specific need for a Press Conference



Entertainment & Media: Press Conference or PC, holds a strong stand for the required publicity by this sector especially when there is a launch of new show, movie, concert, play, theatre or several such other factors. When stories are whetted and written by a professional journalist, it reaches to bigger audience and wins the trust of the target audience.

Travel & Tourism: If you are in a travel & tourism business, you need to atract travellers. Easiest and the most convenient way to reach them is a Press Conference,and that too at a nominal cost, you can reach out to the media and public in the same go and can attract travellers too.

Sports & Leisure: Announcement of upcoming match / new squad/ felicitation ceremony et all can be done through Press Conference. It creates ripples in the market, entice excitement and opens door for advertisers.

White Goods: Press Conference for white goods is an absolute necessity,, it can instantly connect public to the provider and add to revenue.

Technology:Technical breakthroughs, inventions, discoveries always draw positive interest in the public. Hence, if you have a news then do not hesitate in going for a Press Conference, both media fraternity and public at large welcome such news. PC turns out to be a good source of instant publicity without a huge unwarranted expenditure.

Healthcare:Today, consumers are becoming health conscious and they look for good health care products which can reduce their expenditure. So, a single Press Conference/PC about health insurance, new drugs, Government Policies related with drug and control Act can arouse interest of media.

Financial Products & Services: With money being a scarce and essential commodity for good life, any news related with financial products and services is welcome. So, if you have a financial product ready for the market, do not hesitate in sharing information with public through Press Conference, which gives you access to wider reach and quick publicity.

Not-For-Profit Organisation:Institutions which are working for public benefit and doing social service also needs to stay in limelight and talk about the work that they are doing. Owing to low budget, it is only means to let public what is happening in this area. Press Conferences do not ask for heavy expenditure but give good return on the investment.

Press Conferences is one of the branches of marketing tools with a little difference. It requires little effort, is low cost but brings remarkable publicity and works on building trust. Few other times when PC can prove beneficial for a company, entrepreneur or start-ups are mentioned below. Check this list and see how you fit the bill to enjoy the comfort of recognition & branding without making a big investment.



Political Consulting Services



Press Conference India, a venture of PRS International Group of Companies, is proud to introduce our Political Consulting Services section. Here, we offer a comprehensive array of expertise to assist political parties in navigating the intricate terrain of modern politics. Our team of seasoned professionals is committed to providing strategic guidance, innovative solutions, and impactful campaigns tailored to meet the distinct needs and objectives of each client.



Our Expertise & Services



1. Political Strategy + Positioning: We craft comprehensive strategies to effectively position your political party and shape its campaign narrative, ensuring maximum impact and resonance with voters.


2. Public Relations + Advocacy: Building positive relationships with the public and advocating for your party's policies and initiatives are essential. We enhance visibility, credibility, and support through strategic PR and advocacy efforts.


3. Social Media + Digital: Leveraging digital platforms and social media channels is crucial in today's political landscape. We engage with voters, amplify your message, and drive online engagement to reach a wider audience effectively.


4. Content + Messaging: Our team develops compelling content and messaging frameworks to effectively communicate your party's vision, values, and priorities, resonating with voters and inspiring action.


5. Web Design + Development: We design and develop user-friendly websites that showcase your party's agenda, achievements, and events, providing an informative and engaging online platform for supporters and constituents.


6. Video + Storytelling: Through impactful videos and storytelling content, we convey your party's message, connect with voters on an emotional level, and inspire them to support your cause.


7. Campaign Materials + Advertising: We create visually appealing posters and implement multimedia advertising campaigns across various platforms for maximum visibility and engagement, ensuring your message reaches a wide audience.


8. Events + Field Operations: Organizing town hall meetings and mobilizing volunteers for door-to-door canvassing and event organization are vital components of our services, fostering community involvement and direct engagement with constituents.


9. Digital Outreach + Public Relations: We launch digital campaign hubs and conduct media blitz days to engage with voters and communicate effectively through multiple channels, maximizing outreach and engagement.


10. Digital Marketing Services + Software/App Development: Our services include implementing social media ad campaigns and creating campaign apps for direct voter interaction and engagement, leveraging technology to enhance voter engagement and mobilization.


11. Janta Darbar Solution + SMS Services: We establish community listening sessions and launch SMS blast campaigns to address grievances and inform voters effectively, fostering transparency and communication.


12. Election Management Services + Opinion Poll/Exit Poll: Implementing election day task forces and conducting opinion polls are crucial aspects of our services, ensuring smooth operations and gauging voter sentiment for fair and transparent elections.


13. Vote Appeal and Awareness + Digital Media Services: We launch voter education campaigns and collaborate with digital media influencers to raise awareness and reach a wider audience, empowering voters with information and resources.


14. Offline Management Through Survey + Election Management Through Online: Our services include conducting street surveys and launching virtual town hall series to gather feedback and engage with voters both offline and online, ensuring effective communication and engagement.


15. Political Survey and Research + Public Opinion Research: We commission constituency needs assessments and conduct community surveys to understand voter preferences and sentiments, informing strategic decision-making and campaign planning.


16. Door-to-Door Survey for Political + Political Consultancy Services: Our canvassing teams engage with voters, and we collaborate with political consultants to develop effective campaign strategies, ensuring personalized and targeted outreach.


Our Political Consulting Services are meticulously designed to equip political parties with the tools, strategies, and support they need to succeed in today's dynamic political landscape. Whether you're launching a campaign, mobilizing supporters, or engaging with constituents, Press Conference India is your trusted partner for political success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help elevate your political efforts.