"State Launch of Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana" (PMUY)


  • To promote PMUY as a public welfare scheme
  • To generate favorable response from the media
  • To ensure proper coverage of the success of the scheme inspite of the challenges
  • To identify women from BPL families
  • Portray it as a vision of the PM Shri Narendra Modi
  • To show how CM of Madhya Pradesh is also supporting PM’s scheme and is launching other welfare schemes for the betterment of the state

Result/Key Achievement

  • Successfully contributed in spreading and popularizing purpose of Pradhan Mantri Ujjawal Yojna in the greater interest of the public and nation at large
  • Event was available on You Tube and it was widely circulated
  • Social Media platform was used to create awareness and already generated hashtags were well promoted and used
  • Desired crowd attended and supported the event
  • Our team was able to identify BPL women and there were no chaos or confusion during distribution of LPG connection among the women
"State Launch of Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana" (PMUY)
Communication Objective: To convince women in rural areas to use LPG connections for cooking purpose and showcase PMUY as way,
  • To protect health of women & children
  • To improve the living standard of poor women
  • For Women Empowerment, especially in rural India
  • To safeguard security of women who go to unsafe areas for collecting firewood
  • To show cooking fuel other than LPG fills the house with fume which is not good for health
Approximately 10 crore households in India still rely on firewood, coal, dung-cakes et all for cooking purpose and are deprived of LPG as cooking fuel. WHO report shows that smoke inhaled by women from unclean fuel equals burning of 400 cigarettes in an hour & this severely affects their health and leads to several respiratory diseases/ disorders.
  • Build pre-event excitement
  • Gather crowd who favors ruling government
  • Identifying correct Media Fraternity, especially those interested in writing about women issues, government policies &schemes and reports about state
  • Prepare a Press Release which covers the policy in its entirety
  • Ensure proper coverage post-event in all the main dailies
Working Methodology:
PMUY is a government project and is basically aimed at improving the quality of life of rural India. Launch of the scheme in Madhya Pradesh required a scrutinized ground work to ensure desired result. A single loop could have backfired and portrayed Pradhan Mantri Ujjawala Yojna in the wrong taste. It, being a sensitive issue, our team had done an indepth study ofthe progress so far and worded Press Release in accordance, thus ensuring maximum publicity of the PMUY.
Press Release carried each important point which is highlight of the scheme as “Mahilaon Ko Mila Samman, Swacch Indhan-Behtar Jeevan” and more. For reference, check Press Release below.