"India-Myanmar-Thailand (IMT) Car Rally"


  • IMT Rally to be shown as a way to improving ties between the countries
  • India to be projected as extending hand of friendship to her neighbors and working towards improving the financial condition too by promoting tourism and trade
  • UP to be projected as a progressive state as it is the first India State to flag off an event like this which exclusively aimed at deepening relationship for promoting collective security and thus ensuring development of all individuals as viewed by then UP Chief Minister

Result/Key Achievement

  • News of the rally was covered both within and outside the country
  • Newspapers of Tier 1 & Tier 2 covered the news and talked about how it will enhance relation between the countries and improve economic & trade relation in the IMT corridor
  • Car Rally saw an overenthusiastic response at the national and international level
  • There were lot of appreciation on Social Media
"India-Myanmar-Thailand (IMT) Car Rally"
Communication Objective:The IMT Friendly Car Rally is aimed at opening doors of cargo & passenger’s movement in this corridor. It is an effort to strengthen ties with the neighboring countries and make a strong bond of friendship & brotherhood. The rally is to be regarded as an important step to stress on the IMT Motor Vehicle Agreement for fortifying regional connectivity and integration. Rally is a joint endeavor of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Government of India (Ministry of Road transport and Highways, Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Tourism, Department of North Eastern Region, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas), and State Governments.
The rally was an addition to aspiration for promoting Trade, Investment, Tourism, Music, Culture & Historical Linkage between the countries. It was an extension of building friendly relation with the neighboring countries and improving connectivity between Indian States, Northeast India & Southeast Asia which till now has seen very few work of improvement and enhancement in the economy.
  • IMT Car Rally to involve car enthusiasts
  • Promote it as a National event and as a way to connect with neighbors
  • UP to be highlighted and shown as a state which is open to ideas of developing ties for improving economic and trade ties
  • Stories, write-ups, interviews, quotes to be shared and tweeted as much as possible
  • Building of the event for better coverage and showing how UP is supporting North East and other states of eastern region by collaborating with them
Working Methodology:
Our team informed all car rallyists so that there is maximum participation. Press Release was drafted with lot of quotes on international relations and how to head of states and different ministries are looking forward to the success of rally. Date and timeline of end of rally was shared through Press Release, so that story can be covered in other states even if reporters from far & wide are unable to attend the rally.