"MP tourism holds road show in Lucknow to attract tourists from UP"


  • To show Madhya Pradesh as coveted tourist destination
  • To highlight major tourist places of the state
  • To showcase cultural richness
  • To portray it as a place for wildlife and adventure lovers
  • To appropriately glamorize the ancient culture, architecture and time wrap that one experiences by visiting Madhya Pradesh
  • To present it as a State which is a favoured destination for Foreign Tourist and has people coming from across the globe including India

Result/Key Achievement

  • Road show got coverage in the main dailies of Tier 1 & Tier 2 newspapers both in Uttar Pradesh and in Madhya Pradesh
  • Travel magazine talked about the efforts made by MP government to promote tourism in the state
  • Roadshow was a great success as it witnessed over enthusiastic crowd who were willing to know more about the state
  • Social Media platform was flooded with queries related with good time to travel to MP and from where to find information on tour packages
"MP tourism holds road show in Lucknow to attract tourists from UP"
Communication Objective: To attract tourists from Uttar Pradesh and increase footfall in Madhya Pradesh by projecting Madhya Pradesh as,
  • An interesting tourist destination
  • A place for wildlife enthusiasts
  • A desired destination for pilgrims
  • A place for historians and many more such niche travel enthusiasts
Madhya Pradesh is the land of mosaic cultural and diversity.It is home to many religions and has a lot in her kitty to offer. A colourful state which has something for all age groups from children to adult to senior citizens. Situated in the centre of India, the state attracts tourists for various reasons, some even visit for salvation and for attaining complete solace. It is believed that ancient timeline of India also passed from this city and each Jyotirlinga represented timeline.
  • Build up pre-event excitement
  • Create an aura for the roadshow
  • Invite travelers, travel agents, travel bloggers and writers for the roadshow
  • Send invite at the right and ensure there is enough attendance
  • Arrange for photoshoot
  • Post-event follow up by our team in Uttar Pradesh for coverage
  • Circulate photographs for encouraging people to post, share and use in their write-ups
Working Methodology:
Madhya Pradesh Tourism is actively involved in promoting tourism in the state and earn revenue through it. Our main moto was to ensure there is proper coverage in the main dailies of Uttar Pradesh and we are able to circulate information about the state. Our team identified the key influencers and people who are regularly approached for making bookings for various tour plans in and outside the country. Our team circulated information and prepared press kit which was shared with the attendees.
There were proper kiosks to answer queries related with the state and share as much information as possible.