"Mauritius PM inaugurates AYUR Herbarium project"


  • To create a market for AYUR Herbarium
  • To show how the product is different from those available in the Indian market
  • Talk & discussion on medicinal herbarium which is a fascinating collection of various Ayurvedic medicinal plants exhibited with informative details of medicinal properties and uses of each herb

Result/Key Achievement

  • Efforts of Ayush Ministry was adequately highlighted at the national and the local level
  • Visit of PM of Mauritius was positively taken by the Indian press and other media houses
  • The tie up was visualized as way to reach African market where India can market its ayurvedic medicine and products
  • Goa government work was well appreciated and their endeavor to support Medical Tourism was covered at the national level
  • Social Media was buzzing with the news and it was trending on Twitter and Facebook
"Mauritius PM inaugurates AYUR Herbarium project"
Communication Objective: To demonstrate what a great partner India and Mauritius make. Both the countries have a rich and solid ayurvedic foundation.With some exquisite species of flora and fauna found in Mauritius, India as a country can easily make new discoveries in the field of ayurvedic medicines and can found some breather for chronic diseases as cancer, a good relationship can go a long way andcan benefit both.
Love and interest for anything natural and organic is growing by leaps and bounds and crossing geographical boundaries. Ayurveda has been a part of our tradition and culture since ages, today, there already exists a very respectable and prosperous ayurvedic medicines market and too in the ravines of the cities, small towns and villages.Apart from cultural similarities, both countries are rich in the wealth of medicinal flora as well as fauna. In addition, Goa Govt. & Govt. of Mauritius are collaborating on various projects including healthcare, Medical tourism, Ayurveda and tourism.
  • Build suspense over deals that Mauritius Govt & Indian Govt are going to sign
  • How Medicinal Tourism can benefit the countries which share same love for flora and fauna
  • Share information on various herbs, flora and fauna which are native of Mauritius and has great ayurvedic value
  • How a collaboration can help India in getting a gateway to the African Market where Mauritius has a strong control
Working Methodology:
With an efficient team at work, we build the story across various media platforms. Each statement was finalized after studying the relationship that both the countries share and how they can mutual benefit. Press Release was prepared with after evaluating the response of the market towards Mauritian citizens and the Government. Here, ministries of two countries were involved, so media was informed and briefed about expected deals that could be signed during the event.