Digital Age

'The fundamental purpose of Public Relations practice is to establish a two-way of mutual understanding based on truth, knowledge and full information'; defines Sam Black in Practical Public Relations

Public Relations as a marketing and advertising tool, is an ongoing process and redefines all genres and ages. Without organised PR activity, it is difficult to develop mutual understanding between an organisation and the public at large.

Irrespective of the nature and purpose of an organisation, opportunities& scope of PR activities arealways all pervasive and widespread. Broadly, PR has a fourfold role that enables an organisation to establish a stronghold in the market.

  • Establishing & Maintaining correct image of the organisation
  • Monitor public opinion and prepare strategy accordingly
  • Digital Age has opened all platforms and in no time a small information becomes news scope and blows out of proportion. A PR person is an advisor on management of communication & develops techniques to manage flow of information
  • Keep public informed about policies, activities, personalities, products or services

PR is a long-term policy measure, though it does not show results overnight but a single coverage via disciplined & planned intervention of PR activities either in Print or Electronic Media, fetches positive and assured returns. It guarantees credible branding of an organisation in the market.

PR acts as an essential aid in assessing customer attitude towards a product and also evaluates public attitude for the company producing it. Through organised PR activity, a company can easily find out public review and get genuine feedback about a product/service or others.

An integral and indispensable part of Public Relations is Press Conference. It offers a unique platform for judging public response towards an organisation. It is an opportunity for direct interaction with the media who questions purpose and responsibility of a product/ service towards the society. This thorough question & answer session gives an in-depth insight about the organisation and thus, proves beneficial in branding of a product/ service.