"UNFPA launches project for adolescent girls in Madhya Pradesh"


  • News and benefits of the project had to reach right people and groups
  • There should be proper coverage and pre-event briefs should be circulated on time
  • Enough material had to be collected to answer post-event queries about the success & status of this project in Rajasthan & Odisha
  • Data was to be prepared and was to be shared about the work of UNFPA in India and other countries

Result/Key Achievement

  • Event was not only covered well but there was a healthy discussion
  • Response from NGO was appreciable
  • Social Media gave a positive response
  • There was nation-wide coverage which was the main aim of the event as it was essentially aiming welfare of the women and girls
"UNFPA launches project for adolescent girls in Madhya Pradesh"
Communication Objective:Through this event, motive was to show how SamridhhiYojna which is a part of The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) project is going to help 3500 adolescent girls across 150 (approximately) villages in Bijawar and Badamalhara blocks. Empowerment of adolescent girls is important as this will help them to make a decision for themselves and make them self-reliant. Various NGOs and Government bodies are requested to help in the accomplishment of the project.
UNFPA in collaboration with SBI Foundation was to launch the project Saridhhi in Madhya Pradesh. It is a part of the UNFPA’s 12-nation Action for Adolescent Girl and has already been rolled out in Rajasthan and Odisha. The project aims to teach girls in the age group of 10-19 years who are particularly vulnerable section of the society. It will educate and inform them about their health, social and economic well-being. Further, it will help young girls dream and realize their aspirations in an informed and responsible way.
  • Press kits had to be prepared with complete backgrounder of the UNFPA Samriddhi project for adolescent girls
  • Interaction with representative of the organization had to be worked out for a good resounding coverage of the project
  • An exhaustive invite to the media covering national, international and local news was required to be circulated as it was an UN’s event which draws attention of several sections of the media
  • NGOs, women and girl groups were invited
  • Students from girls were encouraged to come
Working Methodology:
With an eye to details, our team was efficient enough to identify the potential of the launch. Invite was distributed by hand and through emails and there was also a kiosk, so that no one is missed. Press kit was distributed through mail and by hand for ensuring good coverage of the whole event.