Press Conference

What is a press conference?

Way to authenticate your statement & garner instant publicity.

Press Conference is regarded as an indispensable part of growth and progress for any industry or society ; especially if one desiresto scale new heights and stay in media focus. It is a way to reach out to media in an organised and a planned way for sharing information about the work of a company, organisation, entrepreneur, ministry, celebrity, scientist or an individual. Over the period of time and with the world turning into a global village, it has been proved that a single press conference can leverage your chance of getting instant popularity and staying in public mind by thousands.


To elaborate further, it involves little investment in compare to advertisements/banners or hoardings and promises 100% return on investment on organising a press conference. Coverage by print or electronic media including social media channels holds more authenticity than anything else. In addition, coverage on social media platforms ensures instant publicity.

Importance of a PRESS CONFERENCE

A Press Conference can prove to be helpful and beneficial when there is a socially relevant story to be shared and it matches interest of the media representatives.But there can also be a promotional Press Conference to reach out toseveral media houses at the same time while controlling the message and building up on the excitement and anticipation about an event.


Being interactive in nature, a press conference gives enough opportunity and space to both the sides for question and answer session. It clears doubts and any negativity related with the product. Also, it gives chance to put emphasis on certain aspects or points which one might miss in a press release. As such, there is no prescribed reason or excuse for holding a press conference, yet there can be several and can appear at any time. A few instances which calls for a press conference—

  • Launch of a new product/book etc
  • Sharing a Scientific Discovery
  • Unveiling a new advertising campaign
  • New Charity Event & its celebrity face
  • Addition of a new player in a sports team
  • Inauguration of shop/new range of products
  • Sharing financial statements
  • For Crisis Management
  • Releasing Company’s Financial Statements

Planning a Press Conference

Execution and planning of a press conference requires professional understanding of the field. For ease of understanding, strategy can be divided into 5 simple steps-

  • Step 1 : Selecting an exciting& socially relevant Story
  • Step 2 : Deciding Time & Location.
  • Step 3 : Deciding upon Speaker & content
  • Step 4 : Invitation to Media& Target Audience
  • Step 5 : Assembling a Press Kit.

Important Issues While Considering a Press Conference

Once selection of a story has been done, ‘pre & post-Press Conference’ working module should be strategically planned, which even involves issuing a press release and reaching out to media well in time.

  • Getting story validated by a trusted journalist or a media pro
  • Carefully drafting and circulation of a pre-event Press Release to arouse interest
  • Carefully selecting time and date, so that it does not clash with any other big event happening elsewhere in the country
  • Selecting a good moderator who can keep the crowd engaged and regulate question & answer session
  • Well prepared press kit which should include photographs, post-event press release and important contact details
  • Identifying a spokesperson who is adequately briefed for one-to-one media interaction if required
  • Identifying media representatives who would be interested in your story/event
  • Sending invites & reminders (if required) to journalists

Drafting an effective Press Release

Success of a Press Conference is largely depended on the press release. Drafting a press release with a professional acumen can identify & press the right pulse of the invited media representatives.


Here, we share some useful tips for drafting a good and effective Press Release:

  • Self-explanatory title
  • Relevant points should be discussed in the first two lines of the Press Release
  • Should be based on factual information
  • Quote by the senior most person or one of the board members of the company
  • Company information towards the end of the release along with recent achievements, if any
  • Contact details including important phone numbers, email, fax and website address
  • Press Release should not be more than two to three small paragraphs
  • Sentences should be small and succinct