"International Wheat Seminar at Goa"


  • Works of Wheat Products Promotion Society must be highlighted and what it is doing at the international level
  • How this society will help India and Indian farmers who are greatly depended on wheat production for livelihood
  • Why wheat production should be promoted and which are other sectors that are inter-related with wheat cultivation and quality production.
  • Highlight, focus of the seminar on role of wheat system in tackling twin issues of sustained availability of basic food and combating menace of malnutrition among citizens of India and the world

Result/Key Achievement

  • Good response from the invitees, there was a lot excitement
  • Not only promises that wheat holds but how it can promote other sectors as baking saw healthy debate and discussion
  • Media also responded favorably and wrote in favour of the WPPS society and USSEC, who were event organizers.
"International Wheat Seminar at Goa"
Communication Objective: Purpose of the conference was to communicate that wheat and wheat products can be a source of income in various ways. Wheat system has a number of elements ranging from science & research, cultivation and all aspects of farm practices, post-harvest movement, storage and trade, processing, production and marketing of food ready-for-consumption. Wheat can also promote baking industry. Global wheat production and trade was one of the important highlights of the seminar.
A large number of Indian people depend upon wheat cultivation for their livelihood. Increasing trend in changing food habits following the robust economic growth has also brought in focus the issue of production of quality of wheat for food and nutritional security. Attempt is being made to bring about an open environment for mutual understanding of local and global issues and pressures that are being faced by this community. For the last 29 years, Wheat Products Promotion Society (WPPS) is organizing seminars to plan and accelerate growth and related processes at the international platform.
  • WPPS efforts and endeavor to promote wheat growers need to be highlighted
  • Society to be projected as farmers/cultivators’ friend
  • Show how society in interacting with others in the industry and collaborating with those who can directly benefit from better quality production of the wheat, anywhere in the world
  • Organising seminars since 29 years to collaborate with the market and the suppliers and thus find out shortcomings of the wheat industry, which can be further enhanced as per market requirement.
Working Methodology:
As a team, we worked a methodology which can garner maximum limelight to the work done by WPPS. Seminar was opened with a session on baking, which talked about wheat and baking. This was well accepted by the invitees and media was briefed before the event, so that they are looking forward to the new highlights of the event which is greatly going to benefit Indian farmers.