"National Conference on Soy Nutrition at Taj Santacruz, Mumbai"


  • To convince government and the public to include soy in government feeding and social welfare programs for the general consumption
  • To garner wide publicity and promote that Soy contains 40% protein, which is higher than any other legumes and several animal products.
  • Discuss in detail how related products as tofu, soymilk, soy nuggets, soy fortified wheat flour and gram flour can be issued

Result/Key Achievement

  • Increased awareness about the benefits of having soybean in diet
  • Able to generate curiosity about soy recipes on Twitter/Facebook
  • There was remarkable press coverage in both Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities
  • Disseminated information about soy products through hashtags
  • Stories of healthy food habits and protein rich diet was shared through You Tube.
"National Conference on Soy Nutrition at Taj Santacruz, Mumbai"
The USSEC (United States Soybean Export Council)
Communication Objective: To portray Soybean as,
  • A highly nutritious food
  • A high protein nutrient both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians
  • A protein rich diet which is value for money
  • Good for health and can prevent from several communicable diseases as it can easily increase the level of protein in the body
In India, 1/3rd of Indian population is suffering from malnutrition and another 1/3rd people are suffering from diet related degenerative problems. All this can be cured and prevented, if Indians take adequate and prescribed quantity of proteins, they can build immune system in individuals. Also, protein rich diet is recommended for children of all age groups, teenagers, pregnant woman, senior citizens, farmers and laborers. It can also reduce school dropout rate among high school girls in villages.
  • Planned and Organized events in Mumbai
  • Sharing of soy recipes to keep the interest afloat
  • Invited media and health experts
  • Disseminated press release
  • Ensured nation-wide coverage
Working Methodology:
A methodological planning was done, after studying the demand and scarcity in the market. Our team worked aggressively on the fact that about 90% vegetarians and 85% non-vegetarians are from India. The event by the USSEC (United States Soybean Export Council) was planned in collaboration with the Association of Food Scientists and Technologists, Soy Food Promotion and Welfare Association, Soy Processors Association and Solvent Extractors Association of India. The topic of the event was "Soy nutrition and Soya opportunities—Creating Linkages". A healthy discussion was carried on the topic under discussion, which generated positive response.
All through from the pre-event to post-event, how Soy can be useful in national nutrition security of India and to show the way to lead a healthy life was promoted. Speakers deliberated lecture on health benefits and how few fatal diseases as diabetes and cardio vascular diseases can be prevented. They gave speeches over health benefit that can be achieved by eating Soy on a regular basis.